Freakshow / Visionary Lounge

FREAKSHOW is a fictional setting designed for the Design Week Budapest 2017. A former 70’s photographer’s studio turned into artist residence was transformed into a visionary lodge with a direct hint to the Black Lodge. The FREAKSHOW is the backdrop of the latest collection of A+Z Design Studio’s: the FREAK Furniture Collection. Freak refers both to the weird times we’re facing globally and the tolerance of the different, unusual, deformities. Freaks, freak actions, became part of our everyday life. The parts of the FREAK Collection are functional pieces of furniture and lighting but referring to deformities, the physically unusual which were treated as objects of entertainment in the Victorian era. You’ll find the Giant Chair, the Siamese Two Headed Chair, an Eight Legged chair, the Elephant Head Lamp, in the company of design icons as Rietveld’s Utrecht chair made in “terrazzo” foam, or an Hommage á Elieen Gray’s Mischelin inspired “Bibendum” chair in black rubber tire, along with a pair of up-side-down one-off standing lamps with Geza Szollosi’s bug globe-bulbs. The FREAKSHOW setting is a hint to the archetypical space between conscious and unconscious, this weird Black Lodge waiting room.